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ESE is a School focused on the single individual, the insightful young person with a dream, who knows where he or she wants to go in life.
There are hundreds, thousands of “institutions of higher learning” in the western world. Some are famous, most are not. It has also been said that “there is a school for everyone” – all one needs to do is choose.

So, the unasked rhetorical question: is anyone in the world today looking for a new school? A new college? A new university? Is there not already an ample choice available for anyone who has decided that an “advanced education” is necessary for realizing one’s own ambitions in life?
In other words, who is looking for a new School? And why?
The ESE brand story is conceived to provide an answer to this simple question.
Because ESE is unlike any other School…

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Alumni voices

Alessandro Fracas

I am from Varese ( Italy), and I got my bachelor’s degree in 2004 from the European School of Economics (ESE) in Italy. After my working experiences for “La Gazzetta dello Sport” (the most popular sport newspaper in Italy) and for “Juventus” football club, I  worked for a  Marketing/PR Agency in NY; which inspired and motivated me to start my own activity. In...

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