Nicola Pinna

After 7 years, I hope this email finds You well.

I am a International Business and Marketing alum. I completed my studies in 2002 and I would like to take this opportunity to update you on my career.

I started my studies at European School of Economics in the fall of 1998. I was one of the lucky students having been granted a partial scholarship.

When I first moved from my beloved Sardinia to Bologna I did not know exactly what to expect. But my expectations soon started to grow and became bigger and bigger. And when I first realized that my dreams could come true, that's also when I started loving my School.

ESE gave me a strong understanding of the real need to believe in my dreams and to truly believe in myself. Although I was not head of the class or honor student, I learned how to seriously study.

And I am still studying hard at what I want to know and love most.

Thanks to ESE, they procured for me academic internships in the best companies I had always wished to work for. I had the pleasure of working for some of the world’s most respected companies such as Moschino, Alberta Ferretti, Burani, Narciso Rodrigez. This of course justified my departure to New York, Milano, Bologna, Madrid.

It’s true that my recruiting madness began the first year of studying. However, I, gained invaluable industry insight and an appreciation for the variety of skills needed to thrive within the studio system, later and gradually it was not anymore an issue to clear up what I really wanted.

Companies I worked for during the College years started contacting me again. And soon I started feeling very confident with myself and my knowledge.

After graduating I worked at Nike, moved to London and then Milan.

Now I can definitely say that where I am is my dream Job: It combines my passion for creativity, travelling, with my finance skills at a company for which I have tremendous respect and I believe in: TBWA!

The agency of Disruption (a working methodology and a life view philosophy).

A short definition of Disruption: is the art of asking better questions, challenging conventional wisdom and overturning assumptions and prejudices that get in the way of imagining new possibilities and visionary ideas. I think ESE and TBWA have something in common!

TBWA stands for big ideas for big companies. Since 2004 TBWA reinforced my desire to work in the advertising industry and help to determine a switch every day I work. Disrupting my way of thinking every single moment. ESE shared with me the philosophy of Love and Dream. And TBWA is making my love and my dream become bigger every day.

If I can give any advice to future graduates, it would be great to start dreaming early and never give up. They will hear it from just about the first lesson at ESE. I hope they will do as I did.

I always remind myself of one of ESE’s mottos : 'We are such because we are such'.

I learned that we need to bring out the value in ourselves.

Dear Prof. D’Anna, this is just the beginning! I am sure I will be sending more updates in the future. There’s not an ending for dreaming…

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