The Invisible Side of Organisations

There is nothing you have to ‘become’…no career to chase no desires to follow…But only to enter into the depths of your being and realize you already possess and are Everything.

Elio D’Anna, President and Founder of the European School of Economics speaks on the Structure of Man and Organizations, an excerpt from the New Book due for publishing in December, 2011.

The Invisible Side of Organisations

Q: Starting with the idea we see in your last book, ‘The School for Gods,’ that the Economy of a nation is the Projection of its ideas and values, and that the wealth of a society depends on the depth of its moral and ethical system, to what extent does the value system of a man or organization influence his ability to perform and succeed in business….in life?

Elio: It’s difficult for us to realize that we live in a world made of ‘invisibility’, and that we, ourselves, are part of that invisible world. All of our thoughts, emotions, fantasies, memories and imaginings and above all our dreams, are part of a world that is intangible and parallel to what we have learned to interpret as existence. An organization is a living being – so for an organization, the most subtle of its components – its ideas, values and fundamental beliefs all come from its invisibility….

Q: So we can say that the value system of a man influences his ability to perform….?

Elio: No . A man attracts his life according to what he IS – to his being. If you accept that his value system ‘influences’ his reality, you are affirming that there is a time delay between what that man is, and the reality surrounding him – that he depends on something ‘outside’ of himself.

Q: Then, in fact, even the value system of a man or organization is a consequence of what he is, and not vice versa.

Elio: Exactly. One day it will be common practice that businesses, as all religions, philosophies, disciplines and therapies, aim towards the stimulation of this invisibility. A businessman, behind the apparent search for profit is at the service of a project – he cares for every member of his organization and knows that their improvement and longevity is his success.

Q: What will be the strength of the Organizations of the future?

Elio: Their very ability to generate and transmit a sense of purpose – this aim towards ‘immortality’, though hidden, will not only attract new members, but keep the group united.

Q: How will they be prepared?

Elio: The cost of an ordinary, mediocre education is unemployment and failure. The price for success and victory is paid through the application of a special teaching based mainly on self-observation, self-knowledge and fearlessness. This will be the preparation.

In time, any achievements or understanding a man believes to have realized will cease to have meaning, and whatsoever he has held as vital, sacred or important in his life no longer will have significance. Here is the crucial point where something higher has to take place - something totally unknown to man that only a School of Being can reveal.

The interviewer asks the explanation for a ‘School of Being’. Elio responds then goes on to elaborate on the application in Family business. The interviewer seems to have a question roster to respect.

Q: Usually when there is the passage from one generation to another a business suffers. What can be done to prevent this?

Elio: The only real reason for the premature disappearance of an enterprise is the absence of men of integrity. ‘Creating' men of integrity like enterprises is always a revolution.

Q: So it will take a long time to realise this dream…

Elio: No. This revolution cannot happen in time, but in the complete absence of time, in a vertical time. There is no evolution in time. In linear time humanity can only repeat itself and its history of conflicts and crime. Between a man from the stone age and a modern man there is no difference. Millions of years have passed if we want to believe in time, without anything happening. Only in the absence of time can the Antagonist disappear and with him every conflict.

Q: When you say that the world outside is only 'apparent,' do you mean that there is nothing like pain, suffering and war - that this is a lovely world? When they take away your job or you are full of misery and have no food for your family or when your son dies in an absurd war, you say that this is not real?

Elio: Yes, this is only an imaginative ideological concept that you believe to be true — just a world of theories, a mere description of reality and not reality itself. Violence, fear, loneliness, pain, war, birth and death are just concepts generated by your memory and imagination, which are in their turn mere shadows and not facts.

Q: What do you mean by ‘facts’?


Elio: What you yourself are in this precise instant is a fact. You yourself free of all fears is a fact. You yourself free of that bundle of lies which constitutes history, tradition, knowledge, religion, culture, and experience, is a fact.
The timeless 'you' is a fact. All that which apparently exists in time and which you believe to be external, instead will reduce you to dullness and impotence. Remember! Only what has been 'done' inside is real and can be permanent, the rest is just a short film disintegrating as it is made.
In the economics to come - industries and corporate enterprises should teach the ‘Art of Dreaming’ - the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people, managers and employees, to ‘do’ inside’, and to become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.
What is your deep, major interest in Life? Is it acquiring money, prestige, security? Then you must see that the consequences of such interests are instead worry, fear, uncertainty and misery. A man who takes responsibility for his men, his enterprise has a greater project in mind and will have a much greater reward….
The European School of Economics has the ‘dream’ of a happy and free humanity, of a truly rich economy. It is not the resources of the planet that are limited, but humanity itself - its limited vision and incomplete psychology keep it from extending well-being to every individual, organization, culture and civilization.
Outside of you there is no antagonist, enemy or demon, and neither is there inside…

Q: So why is the world so full of injustice and violence?

Elio: This is pure imagination.
Outside there is no injustice or violence, no limits, nor obstacles or enemies. They are all illusions - mere shadows. They exist because you indulge in forgetfulness and ignorance in a self-sabotage produced by destructive thoughts, negative emotions and attitudes....
There is nothing and no time 'out there' - a ‘time’ that gives cadence to your life, a time that makes you get old, sick and die...... Victory is not an outer achievement, victory is a state of being is the victory over the illusionary - over that which does not exist....You keep looking for solutions and 'faults' outside, but the outside world only reminds you : ‘you’re too distracted.’
There are not thousands of problems to solve, but just one - yourself. You can’t allow yourself to lose even an atom of your integrity. The world is a blessing. It warns you and gives you signals when a fracture is coming : ‘Come home – to the totality of being—and everything will be perfect!’ You can’t indulge even for a second, because the entire world depends on you. The world reflects perfectly all that you are and is perfect because it is created in your image. The real insanity is this fragmentation you carry inside. Remember! Like attracts like, solution attracts solution, life attracts life.
Stay in contact with the deepest part of yourself. Don't stray from the center! Observe yourself and study the prison that you unconsciously have built within yourself. Look at the contradictions and weaknesses you carry inside and remove them by simply being aware, the observation of the unconscious makes it disappear and releases energy.

Q: What path, if any, should a man follow to prepare himself to be successful in Business?

Elio: You are the main Cause of all and everything!' Remember this, and there will be no other discipline to follow. Remember! Any knowledge coming from the outside is false. And only self-knowledge is real knowledge.

Q: What does business have to do with self-knowledge?

Elio: At the time of a great financial crisis many bankers, businessmen and stockbrokers ‘crash’ also because they totally identify with the failing economy.
In what should be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they instead are hypnotized to the point that they no longer realize to be the players and not the pawns, the observers and not the observed, the dreamers and not the dreamed. They depend upon external conditions to plan their strategies, and rely upon budgets, reports and financial forecasts to unconsciously build nothing more than a house of cards.
But what happens then, when the slightest tremor comes unexpectedly razing it all to the ground? Self-knowledge means freedom from any conditioning or identification with the world around. Self-knowledge puts harmony, order and justice in every atom of your inner world. Its power spreads out in all directions creating a new history and a new destiny, a new past and a new future, a new life and a new man. Self-knowledge is the very basis for success in any field of life.
A man who really knows himself, free from any external conditioning reveals his inner integrity and projects the unfailing world of his Dream…….
If you believe in an external world, then make use of it. Let all the experiences, events and circumstances fall in a place within yourself where you can filter the most useful and eliminate what is useless. This is the place where all your ballast can be transformed in energy and brand new life. Remember! The outer world is only a faded shadow of your inner space, a pale manifestation of your inner responsibility….
Elio pauses, listening carefully as if to an unspoken question….


Elio: The solution to any problem is not in casting blame or finding fault on others, but rather in redeeming and rebuilding your own compromised integrity. Integrity is a state of being and as such you only have the capacity to know how it has been compromised or lost or forgotten. Fear, for example, disconnects you from the source of your own vitality.
Integrity means a sense of certainty, coherence, wholeness, fearlessness and aliveness. Integrity is a physical experience - you can feel it in your flesh, in your joints, in your breath and in your heart. Integrity has powerful applications in the realm of action. Companies and enterprises guided by integrity are those that are successful, well-run, profitable, everlasting and happy. A man of integrity is a force of nature - in the physical realm, he has always another ocean to cross or some other mountain to climb, and is never out of the game.
Give all the attention and the whole of your spare time to your inner being, and nothing will be impossible to you. Don’t forget! You are the one who is projecting and perceiving beyond the conceivable – creator of this wonderful universe.
Don' t stop dreaming! Reality is made of your dream. It's your dreaming substance that gives Life to the world. If you stop dreaming the world dies. It is as simple as that….Poverty, crime and war come from a society that has stopped dreaming. Entire civilizations, races, empires, countries and peoples have disappeared from the face of the Earth for having forgotten the real reason of their existence. Dream! Apply the principles of the School and remember that Life like Business is a School of Being.
The Dreamer brought you a very powerful technology to use: the Art of Dreaming, which is the only way to stop all misery and sufferings. In a world where all kinds of revolution have failed, all attempts to change the violent nature of man revealed futile, the Art of Dreaming reveals as the only practical way to transform events and circumstances, history and destiny, past and future at will. Remember! When you will get rid of every violence, conflict and misery inside yourself, crimes, revolutions and wars will miraculously disappear from this planet – the way out is the way in.

: all passages in cursive are quotes from the Dreamer.

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