Business and Self-Knowledge

Q. I want to see my company grow and make profits but find it hard to reconcile my ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ lives. What does business have to do with self-knowledge?

A. At the time of a great financial crisis many bankers, businessmen, and stockbrokers ‘crash’ also because they totally identify with the failing economy. In what should be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they are hypnotized to the point that they no longer realize to be the players and not the pawns, the observers and not the observed, the dreamers and not the dreamed. They depend upon external conditions to plan their strategies, and rely upon budgets, reports and financial forecasts to unconsciously build nothing more than a house of cards. But what happens then, when the slightest tremor comes unexpectedly razing it all to the ground? Self-knowledge means freedom from any conditioning or identification with the world around. Self-knowledge puts harmony, order and justice in every atom of your inner world. Its power spreads out in all directions creating a new history and a new destiny, a new past and a new future, a new life and a new man. Self-knowledge is the very basis for success in any field of life.

A man who really knows himself, free from any external conditioning, reveals his inner freedom, and projects the unfailing world of his Dream.

Elio D'Anna
European School of Economics Foundation

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After finishing secondary school, Benedetta Amadi enrolled in the European School of Economics in Milan where, as part of her four year programme, she had the opportunity to complete a six months specialization course at Esmod, a school of fashion design in Paris, followed by an internship of six months in the Burberry press office in London. Benedetta Amadi graduated at ESE after spending...

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